From Engineer to Artist

About my work

I'm inspired by flashes of beauty and humor in my environment, bringing life and meaning to the small things, as well as the big ideas.

My illustrative artwork is inspired by a child-like sense of wonder and created with visions of bringing forth the joy that lies in simple objects or mementos that viewers of all ages can relate to. While the process involves precision - a careful sketch, thoughtful color selection, finely detailed brushstrokes, and layering for depth and a sense of motion - my approach and intent is light-hearted, jovial and infused with freedom.

I receive great joy when my viewer laughs with surprise at the colorful representations that pop from the canvas, or has a moment of delight by the story the painting breathes to life.

You can find my work at Maestri Gallery in Dallas, in addition to my online gallery.

About me

I am a Dallas-based artist, who previously worked as an engineer for 10 years at a Fortune 500 tech company. Although I enjoyed my work, I felt fueled by a need for greater creative expression. I began painting and donating my work to the families that Dwell with Dignity serves. I loved witnessing the impact that joyful paintings, with a positive underlying message, can bring to children and their parents.

Now I paint everyday, and thrive off telling stories through my artwork. Creating pieces that bring joy and lightness, but also hold meaning and tell a story, is what I strive to do. I select cheerful subjects, bright colors, and incorporate highly detailed and precise brushstrokes (the former engineer in me!) to bring a smile to my viewers, of all ages. As a mom to a four year old, I am constantly inspired by a child-like sense of wonder.  


Photo by Tarin Frantz