from my clients

Creating work that brings joy and lightness, but also holds meaning and tells a story, is what I strive to do. Take a look below at the words from my beautiful clients.


Ephemeral bloom

"You are able to identify what is cherished by others and/or part of their journey and seamlessly project a special image through your own creative lens. How wonderful that Baby Stasey gets to have a painting that tells a story - with family history no less - and includes the reminder that amazing things can come from a wait, and that within all and everyone is beauty waiting to emerge. "

Laurel Stasey

babushkas in paradise

“Our Nesting Dolls painting is loved and adored everyday in our daughter’s room.  Visitors have remarked how this spirited work speaks to our family’s aesthetic so beautifully.  We are blessed to live with this cherished, original piece."

Courtney Gorman, SUPPLY Showroom

lace UP

Mione and I met in 2012 as neighbors.  Her artistic talents stood out from our first meeting and as time passed I knew I wanted her to create something special for me and left it to her imagination as to what my painting would be.  When the painting arrived it captured my heart with the story it speaks of adventure, exploration, sensitivity and openness.  The hiking boots are the whimsical element that causes me to smile and is an accurate summation of my passion.  As the painting has been seen by friends, each person interprets something different which is what life is about.  It brings joy to me each time I look at it.

Rita Koger


pattern of life

"Mione’s painting are always amazing, but what is even more amazing is the story and inspiration she has behind each and every piece. She is just as much of a storyteller as an artist and I love how inspired she gets by each and every person she works with. Whether painting for long-time friends and family or new clients, she has a unique ability to see deeper than the surface into the type of art your heart will respond to. For my birthday this year, she created a painting inspired by the pattern of some of my favorite items of clothing. I have always loved fashion and expressing my personality through clothing and love how Mione was able to celebrate that. She’d noticed certain items in recent photographs that I often gravitated towards and formed them into a painting which now hangs in my bedroom just before you enter my closet. Every time I get dressed in the morning it’s the first thing I see before going into my closet. Thank you for taking the time to paint a part of me and making me feel so special."

Lauren Smaron

punchdrunk lovesick singalong

"Mione- I’m not sure how you managed to take all of my favorite things and create this awesome mash-up, but that just speaks to your ability and talent. Every time I look at my painting a song pops in my head, which makes a happy memory pop in my head. Then I usually remember that a pop of color is missing on my face, so I put on some lipstick and carry that color, song and memory with me the rest of the day. I just love the way you get me. And I love that you took the time to show me how well you get me."

Nicole Rodriguez

Mione Plant - Let me figure this out - sq.JPG

"Mione is a craftsman and an empath, able to distill your most cherished sentimentality into something beautiful. "Let Me Figure This Out" carries the weight and substance of a personal journey and the whimsy of an inside joke that makes me smile every time I see it."

Kristin Patterson

bruno and indy

"When you view a painting for the first time from an artist, there's often a moment of mystery and internal dialogue within your mind.  You try and dissect the colors, angles, shadows and other intricacies of what your eyes are seeing.  Mione’s work extracts feelings of whimsy, nostalgia and joy from your soul.  Each painting stems from a specific life moment or element of emotion that then evolves into a literal explosion of life on canvas.  The piece she painted of our two French Bulldogs is proudly positioned above our fireplace.  Every time someone new enters our home it is one of the first things that catches their minds eye.  It will continue to delight our world forever!"

Scott Aldredge

midnight stroll

"I saw Mione’s Midnight Stroll piece and immediately loved it. It looks adorable in my son’s room. I love Mione’s whimsical, yet sophisticated approach to her work. She is also a very lovely person to work with!”  

Holly Hickey Moore, Holly Hickey Moore Interior Design

magical mystery tour

"Mione has been a joy to work with, having a heart for the families we serve and the talent to give back in a most meaningful way.  Her art is both whimsical and exact, evoking a playful spirit yet revealing a technical talent in her artistry.  The art she has created and donated to our families will certainly become an important part of their memories and their stories as they begin to build their lives.  We are so grateful for Mione’s desire to share her talents for good!"

Lisa Robison, Founder, Dwell with Dignity 

Babushka mini

"I am absolutely blown away by the gorgeous painting. I am in love with it!!! Receiving your gorgeous painting brought such light and joy to me. Thank you so so much, I will cherish it always!"

Melissa Ellis, Melissa Ellis Art

Double Dutch Darth

Mione’s whimsical and delicate work had already won me over.  When I wanted a one of a kind and personal gift for my partner, I knew Mione had the vision.   Catch was, it had to revolve around Star Wars.  :)

I relinquished all control and gave her creative freedom and not only did she produce an exceptional commission, she did her research too.  There was so much thought behind the piece and it was received with utter happiness! 

Brooke Whitaker



"Mione's whimsical, handmade painting was the perfect addition for our nursery to ensure our son reflects the joyous humor of life, with its perfectly random shadows. We can't help but smile when looking at this painting or when hanging with its beautiful artist."

Marlo Manaloto


Mione Plant Expand outward Look inward.JPG


"Thank you for creating the most perfect artwork for Celine. You captured her roots in such a creative and beautiful way that could only be dreamed up by brilliant, amazing you. This artwork is so personal and so perfect, and we can’t wait to share the special story behind it when Celine gets older."

Maly Scott

lady in red

"The Lady in Red is such a fun piece! The ladybugs appear to be dancing in air and so carefree - it makes me smile when I look at them!"

Tom Mason

tragic to magic

"Only Mione Plant can turn tragic into magic, an MRI into a miracle. This piece is so special to me because Mione and her talent are so special. To own a one-of-a-kind piece from a lovely person that is one-of-a-kind is such an honor. She delights and amazes at every turn. You'll never regret owning a piece by Mione Plant."

Mark Warren

paris je t'aime

"I love it so much!!!! It couldn't be more perfect!! You did such a great job - the flowers, the open windows, the reflection in the windows! Makes me smile. Love it and my husband will too."

Julie van Haren

tank you very much

"I love the painting, makes me smile every time I come home. It's also my reminder to change into my tank and go running! "

Jason Goodrich

You otter know

"Love love love!!! Everything about this painting. The name, the meaning, the story, the fish that remind me of snorkeling on our honeymoon, and the bright beautiful colors. It will bring lots of happiness in our home!"

Rachelle Marie Skaggs